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5 Affordable Romantic Destinations for Couples

5 Affordable Romantic Destinations for Couples

Budget Romantic Couples Vacations Spots

You can find some of the best couples vacation spots worldwide that cost a lot of money. Here are 5 affordable romantic destinations for couples that will not break the bank. If you are a couple planning a romantic trip that doesn’t cost you a lot, you are in luck. These locations offer a calming environment as well as pristine views. Most of all, they are not overcrowded, and you can enjoy some quality time together.


1. Nepal to Hike near Himalayas

Romantic Destinations for Couples - Nepal Offers A Lovely Hotel in Nagarkot

You can stay at a hotel in Nagarkot for a fantastic couple’s relaxation spot with scenery overlooking the world’s highest summit, Himalayas. Also, you can visit the city of lakes at Pokhara and take wonderful pictures. Adventure lovers can try zip-lining in the peaceful mountain range of Sarangkot.


2. Zanzibar Archipelago of islands

Best Couples Vacations Spots - Zanzibar Has Beautiful Beaches at Nakupenda

Zanzibar is one of the best couple’s vacation spots due to its location. You can walk through Stone Town to get some snacks and tour the local culture. Also, go to Cheetah’s Rock to learn about wildlife conservation as well as see cheetahs there. Further, you should also visit one of the island’s most beautiful beaches at Nakupenda. It is truly a better romantic destination for couples who like to have memorable pictures together.


3. Tbilisi city in Georgia

Best Couples Vacations Spots - Tbilisi is Suitable for Lovers to Visit Abanotubani district

Tbilisi is the main city to visit in Georgia. With its calm environment and affordable entertainment, it is another one of the best couples Vacations spots. Also, there are many parks where you can rest, have a drink and enjoy nature there. Try going to the Abanotubani district in Tbilisi’s old town section to get some good vibes in the famous sulfur baths, which are wonderful in the wintertime. Also, you can enjoy scenic views and a Ferris wheel ride at Mtatsminda Park. Here is one of the better romantic destinations for couples in the city. Moreover, you can also take a cable ride to see the giant statue of Kartvlis Deda.


4. Yerevan capital city of Armenia

Romantic Destinations for Couples - Yerevan Offers Lovers’ Park And Ararat Brandy Distillery

Yerevan is the capital city of Armenia. This city might not be famous, but it can be considered one of the romantic destinations for couples. Try having an outing in the capital Yerevan’s largest park, also called Lovers’ Park. Also, observe the scenery from the hilltop of Kond, which is one of the city’s oldest places overlooking the center. You should visit the famous Ararat brandy distillery to get some tasting from local brews.


5. Sri Lanka with Natural Beauty

Best Couples Vacations Spots - Sri Lanka Offers A Safari on The Madu River

If you want to visit another one of the best couples’ vacation spots for cheap, you should visit Sri Lanka. This country has a lot of mesmerizing natural locations. One of the romantic activities here is to take a walk across Turtle Beach. Also, try booking a catamaran cruise and sail to the seaside resort city of Pasikudah. Further, you can enjoy an exciting boat safari on the Madu River and get fantastic and cheap seafood there.
*Update: Sri Lanka has been through some turmoil, and couples need to pay attention to the places they want to visit. It is best to contact local tour operators or someone who knows the safest places to bring you to avoid scams and other inconveniences. Besides that, this place remains one of the best couple’s vacation spots.

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