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Best Food in Argentina to Try

Best Food in Argentina for Travelers

Top Traditional Food in Argentina

The main food in Argentina is mostly meat-based, and as a result, it is not surprising that red meat is an ingredient of most Argentine dishes. Since red meat is the main ingredient of Argentine cuisine, and for tourists who are vegetarians, there is less food variety, but you can still enjoy lots of varieties of different small bites and desserts.


Asado Meat Barbeque

Asado Meat Barbeque for Family Gatherings - Traditional Food in Argentina


The rough translation of Asado is “barbecue” and contains all types of meat that are cooked and grilled on a simple charcoal or gas barbecue. Especially during the summer, this is the type of food in Argentina that friends and families get together and eat near the fire. Everyone participates in the cooking process of this dish, but only one person is responsible for grilling the meat. There is also a chance for vegetarians to attend such a gathering; Because grilled vegetables such as potatoes, corn, and potatoes are also available next to the meat.


Chorizo Pork Sausage

Famous Food in Argentina - Chorizo Sausage Mainly Used in Asado

Travelers must eat asado with chorizo sausage to enjoy the full experience. Chorizo is a type of Argentinian sausage that is grilled along with other meats and is a constant accompaniment to Asado. As you can see, you should expect to eat a lot of red meat in Argentina.


Argentinian Empanadas

Argentinian Empanadas Made Maily with Flour-Dough and Filled with Chicken and Beef

Empanadas are a type of food that is very popular in Spain, Chile, and other countries in addition to Argentina, but this does not mean that its recipe is the same everywhere as in Argentina. This food in Argentina is actually a piece of dough filled with red meat, chicken, mozzarella cheese, and tomatoes.


Matambre; Similar to flank steak

Matambre is Very Similar to Flank Steak Filled with Boiled Eggs and Carrots

The name Matambre is derived from an interesting phrase; This word is actually the shortened form of the expression: “matar el hambre,” which means to satisfy someone’s hunger. “Matambre” is a thin and long piece of meat that is wrapped around contents including spinach, onion, carrot, and boiled egg. This food is mostly used as an appetizer before lunch or dinner.


Milanesa Beef Cutlet Schnitzel

This popular food in Argentina is a piece of meat, mostly beef cutlet, covered with flour. Locals have Milanesa mainly for lunchtime and is accompanied by fried potatoes and raw vegetables. The traditional form of this dish is red meat, but nowadays, chicken Milanesa (milanesa de pollo) also has become more acceptable. Therefore, before ordering this dish, decide on the type of Milanesa you want.


Argentine Style Pizza

Argentine Style Pizza Influenced from Italian Cuisine Topped with Boiled Eggs

Argentine cuisine still has Italian cooking influences, but compared to the Italian style, Argentines prepare their pizzas with thicker dough. The ingredients on pizzas in Argentina are usually meat and cheese, but mozzarella and tomato pizzas are also popular. You can also find more varied forms of pizza with pineapple, corn, and hard-boiled eggs in Argentina.


Media Luna Similar to French Croissant

Media Luna is Similar to French Croissant and is Eaten in The Breakfast Time

Media Luna is among the list suitable food in Argentina for vegetarians. Media Luna means crescent moon and is similar to the French croissant. It is very common to eat several Media Lunas for breakfast in Argentina. Still, you can enjoy this bread as a delicious snack after an evening of sightseeing.


Dulce de Leche Caramel Spread

Dulce de Leche is a Brown Colored Caramel Spread Used All Day Long

Dulce de Leche is a delicious cream obtained by boiling condensed milk. The milk is boiled until it becomes a thick brown caramel. This creamy spread can be used on different bread and at any time of the day. Argentines eat dulce de leche alone or on bread.



Choripan; a Chorizo and Bread Sandwich

Choripan is a Chorizo and Bread Sandwich - Traditional Food in Argentina

Choripan is a simple food in Argentina made out of sausage on a white bread sandwich. This small-bite dish is delicious when combined with chimichurri sauce. The best chance to find this authentic Argentinian flavor is from vendors around the traditional San Telmo market in Buenos Aires.


Locro Squash Stew

Locro Squash Stew is mainly Served in The North Part of Argentina

Locro is the unique food of the northern parts of Argentina! A visit to Salta would only be complete with eating Locro. This delicious Argentinian national plate consists of corn, beans, vegetables, and meat or Argentinian chorizo. Like the north, the southern parts of Argentina have their own food.


Elado Creamy Ice Cream

Elado Creamy Ice Cream Inspired From Italian Gelato but More Creamy

Elado is an Argentinian ice cream whose history goes back to Italy and was introduced to Argentina by Italian immigrants. Of course, in Argentina, there were changes in the structure of this ice cream. Argentinians added more cream to this ice cream. Ice cream is a great choice of food for the days when you are exploring different cities of Argentina under the sun.

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