For those who love shopping, here is an opportunity to explore the largest shopping malls in the world if you plan to visit them once you start traveling to these locations. Some of the countries did not even have a shopping mall culture in the past, but are currently building very large shopping malls. Some of these malls are so enormous that can take hours just to walk through them. Most of the world’s largest shopping malls are for Asian countries.

Other countries also offer great malls, for instance, best shopping malls in London are a good way to explore that great Island city.


Dubai Mall

The Largest Shopping Malls in The World - Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is the world’s largest shopping mall, with an area of ​​1,124,000 square meters, opened in year 2008 and visited by about 38 million people in the same year. It is part of the $ 2 billion Khalifa Tower complex, the center has more than 1200 shops and has many amenities, including fashion street, gold market, ice-skating field, aquarium, underwater zoo, fountain , Cinema, restaurant and so on.


West Edmonton Shopping Mall

The Largest Shopping Malls in The World - West Edmonton Shopping Mallis Located in Edmonton, Canada

Located in Edmonton, Canada, it is the largest shopping mall in North America. Also, it is one of largest shopping malls in the world as well. This mall has 800 shops with 3.6 people working. Having a water park and tourist attractions is another feature of the center. It is one of the old centers, opened on September 1981 but expanded to include three more phases. Phase 4, the last phase of the building, completed in year 1999. This mall was by far the world’s largest shopping mall until 2004


Mall of America

The Largest Shopping Malls in The World - Mall of America is Also Known as MOA

This shopping mall, also known as MOA and Megamall, is located outside of the twin cities, large enough to accommodate up to 7 stadiums. It is truly one of largest shopping malls in the world and North America.


Morocco Mall

The Largest Shopping Malls in The World - Morocco Mall is Africa's Largest Shopping Center

As Africa’s largest shopping center in Casablanca, on the west coast of Morocco, there is a million-liter aquarium shopping mall and tourists can scuba dive into the aquarium.


SM City Cebu

The Largest Shopping Malls in The World - SM City Cebu is in The Cebu City of Philippines

You can find SM City Cebu in the Cebu city of Philippines. About 100,000 people pass through this mall every day, but it is still the fourth largest shopping mall in the Philippines.


Mal Artha Gading

Tourist Travel Guide - Mal Artha Gading is Located in Jakarta City in Indonesia

Mal Artha Gading Shopping Center is located in Jakarta, Indonesia and covers more than 270,000 square meters. The architecture of this mall is inspired by the Silk Road and the Seven Wonders of the World. It is the 9th largest shopping malls in the world and biggest in the country of Indonesia.


SM Megamall

Tourist Travel Guide - SM Megamall is Located in Mandaluyong City in The Philippines

If you are in Mandaluyong city in the Philippines, check out SM Megamall. In fact, SM Megamall is a large shopping complex with an approximate area of ​​10 hectares and opened in year 1991. The center consists of two buildings connected by a bridge.