Best Museums in Salzburg

Best Museums in Salzburg

List of Museums in Salzburg

The city of Salzburg is home to unique attractions, but the museums in Salzburg should be on your list of places to visit as they offer different perspectives on the culture and history of Austria. These Salzburg museums have great works of art in them, and some of them, like the Redbull Museum, are very new and showcase cutting-edge technologies.


Toy Museum Salzburg near Mozart’s Birthplace

Toy Museum Salzburg is Suitable for Children Located near Mozart's Birthplace

Salzburg’s Toy Museum is one of the unique museums in Salzburg for children and adults alike. This museum is located near the Mozart’s Birthplace which is one of the most famous attractions in Salzburg. In these specific museums designed for children, a variety of group exhibits are available, such as old trains, a car race circuit, an enticing maze, a treasure tank, a doll shop, and much more.

The museum also has a cinema, a children’s library, and an intriguing collection of vintage toys for adults to relive their childhood memories. Young visitors appreciate being in the toy world, and kids adore learning new things. They can gaze at old toys and play with more modern ones. The Toy Museum Salzburg tickets are 2 Euros per child and 5 Euros for each adult.


Museum der Moderne or The Museum of Modern Art

Famous Museums in Salzburg - Museum der Moderne or The Museum of Modern Art Showcases Local Arts

The Museum of Modern Art is one of the most visited museums in Salzburg because it houses thousands of national and international works from the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries and is magnificently situated atop a sheer cliff overlooking the city. The emphasis of this museum is on photographic and graphic works. For fans of modern art, this museum is a connected collection of spectacular exhibitions with another branch close by.


Salzburg Museum near Mozartplatz

Salzburg Museum is Found near Mozartplatz A Historic Tourist Area

One of the six exhibition spaces that make up the Salzburg Museum, the New Palace of Salzburg, is a must-visit among museums in Salzburg for anybody interested in learning more about the rich cultural and creative history of this lovely city with baroque architecture.

Numerous historical relics, ranging from tools found in the nearby Bronze Age salt mines to rare instruments from the 16th century, are displayed in this permanent and exceptional exhibition, which is housed in a 3000 square meter room with an incredible and restored setting. Using multimedia techniques, all of these great masterpieces give visitors an extraordinary experience. This museum is also regarded as a unique attraction for residents; it hosts a variety of debates and activities and welcomes the community.


Red Bull Hangar-7 near Salzburg Airport

Red Bull Hangar-7 near Salzburg Airport a Place to See Planes and F1 Cars - Best Museums in Salzburg

Near the Salzburg Airport, Red Bull’s unique collection of vintage aircraft is found in Hangar No. 7 (Hangar-7). The breathtaking glass and steel building that houses Hangar No. 7 which features two towers and a promenade. The renowned Red Bull Stratos space capsule and Formula One race cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles are on display.


DomQuartier Salzburg at Residence Square

DomQuartier Salzburg is at Residence Square a Place to See Magnificent Rooms and Galleries

The cathedral, the former archbishops’ mansion, and the monastery of St. Peter of the School of St. Benedict are all part of the spectacular DomQuartier complex. Visitors can explore five Salzburg museums in this region and take in the Italian Baroque-inspired sights. Among the highlights of this complex are the extraordinary chambers of the residence, the gallery of the residence, the museum of the cathedral, and the museum of St. Peter.


Casa Della Natura or Natural History Museum

Casa Della Natura or Natural History Museum to See Anima Fossils and Get Knowledge about Birds

For creative minds of all ages, the Museum of Natural History and Technology is another one of the perfect museums in Salzburg. The museum’s exhibits encompass traditional natural history, zoology, and science with a national and international focus. The fish aquarium and reptile zoo are two of the museum’s permanent displays; here, you can observe more than 35 water tanks filled with creatures worldwide.

The museum’s science center offers interactive learning opportunities on various topics, including energy, the human body, and fitness. A gallery also presents us to the far-off galaxies in our environment.

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