What to Do in China

What to Do in China – China’s economic situation and important plans have made the cities of this country move rapidly towards modernity and be considered as modern cities compared to other cities in the world, but in the middle and at the moment of rapid movement towards modernity traditional and old customs have been preserved in the highest place in this country and they have not been damaged.

As travel guide China suggests, no trip to China is complete without visiting the Great Wall of China. There are many tours to visit different parts of this wall. Another place to go is Tian’anmen Square and you will be surprised to see its sheer size of it up close. There are many attractions in this square, including the Tiananmen Tower, the Great Hall of the People, Monument to the People’s Heroes, the National Museum, and the Mao Zedong picture. You are not allowed to take pictures, videos or take photos in this area.

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