Top Restaurants in Wollongong

Top Restaurants in Wollongong

Best Restaurants in Wollongong

As a coastal city in Australia, restaurants in Wollongong offer a wide range of dishes, from seafood to Indian. For the best Wollongong Restaurants, check out the list of eateries below. This city has beautiful forests, and you can also visit the rocky cliffs of Mt. Keira in the Illawarra mountain range. Due to its geographical location, there are a lot of water sports and fishing you can do here. Also, head to the south side of the city to visit the Buddhist temple of Nan Tien as well as Lake Illawarra.


Amigos Mexican Restaurant on Keira Street

Top Restaurants in Wollongong - Amigos Mexican Restaurant is Offering Great Mexican And Latin Dishes

Amigos Mexican Restaurant is a good restaurants in Wollongong offering great Mexican and Latin dishes. You can find this delicious eatery on Keira Street. This place offers great-tasting dishes with unique localize flavors that come with reasonable price tags. The decoration here is very colorful, giving you a positive vibe when you enter here.


Jasmine Rice Offering Contemporary Thai Dishes

Travel Guide Australia - Jasmine Rice Offers Modern And Contemporary Thai Dishes

Jasmine Rice is one of the best Wollongong restaurants to offer modern and contemporary Thai dishes that come in a lot of flavors. Moreover, Jasmine Rice is located on Corrimal Street, which is also very close to Wollongong Beach. The main dishes here are soups, salads, and noodle dishes like Pad Thai, which you can receive quickly.


Manjits Indian Restaurant on Crown Street

Best Wollongong Restaurants - Manjits Indian Restaurant, Wollongong Offers Authentic Indian Dishes

Manjits Indian Restaurant is one of the better Indian restaurants in Wollongong, offering authentic Indian dishes. Other than providing vegan and vegetarian dishes, they are a good place for having business meetings, birthday parties, and anniversary gatherings. Head to Crown Street for some delicious local curry and tasty mango lassi at Manjits Indian Restaurant.


The Bavarian Wollongong for German Cuisine

The Bavarian Wollongong is A German Restaurant - Best Wollongong Restaurants

The Bavarian is a German restaurant with some Aussie touches, which is located at Wollongong Central West Building. Also, The Bavarian is one of the best Wollongong restaurants for some good German beers, sausages, pretzels, roast pork belly, pork knuckles, as well as schnitzels. Furthermore, they have a lot of imported German beers that you cannot get anywhere else in this city.


Kinn Thai Restaurant near The Beach

Kinn Thai Restaurant Serves Thai Comfort And Authentic Food - Travel Guide Australia

Kinn Thai Restaurant is one of the handfuls of restaurants in Wollongong that serves Thai comfort and authentic food. Some of these dishes include simple cuisine that comes with tasty rice and noodle, such as Tom Yum Prawn soup, Massamun Curry Beef, and Green and Panang curry. After eating spicy food here, it is worth trying traditional home make coconut ice cream for dessert. You can visit Kinn Thai at Wollongong Central, which also is very close to the famous Wollongong Beach.


Moon Sushi Wollongong located on Gladstone Avenue

Top Restaurants in Wollongong - Moon Sushi Wollongong is Good For Having Some Grilled Sushi

Moon Sushi Wollongong is one of the best Wollongong restaurants for having some sushi. This eatery is located at The Vantage apartment near Gladstone Ave. The star of the menu here is their grilled sushi which comes on a platter. Their prices are very reasonable and affordable for the big portion sizes you get here, especially for their Bento box.


Best Wollongong Restaurants with a View of the Sea

The best Best Wollongong Restaurants with a View of the Sea are located in North Wollongong and specifically along Cliff Road. These are mostly high-end eateries serving seafood and are very beautiful both inside and outside. These restaurants are good for both lunch and dinner time because of the way they are situated. You can experience sundown and plan this to be a romantic dinner with your loved one. Sometimes it is worth making a prior reservation as they get busy, especially on weekends.

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