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Restaurants in Fort Saskatchewan

Best Restaurants in Fort Saskatchewan for Good Food

The food in restaurants in Fort Saskatchewan is some of the best you can get on the country’s East Coast. There are many of Western food, Asian and seafood in this town and the good thing is that the prices are lower than in Toronto.


What is the Main Food in Saskatchewan?

One of the most popular food in Saskatchewan is the Saskatoon pie. This simple berry pie is generally served with vanilla ice cream. This pie has a fruity taste and is just delicious on its own.


Is Fort Saskatchewan a City or a Town?

Fort Saskatchewan is a city that is located in Canada, Alberta. This city is located north of the Saskatchewan River and has a great history and culture behind it. It used to be a small town and then expanded with the arrival of Europeans.



Eggcellent P’Eats for Breakfast Food

Eggcellent P'Eats Offers Quality Breakfast Food Located Near the Peter Ream Park

Eggcellent P’Eats is all about eggs, slices of bacon, hash browns, and everything to do with breakfast. If you are a morning person and want to have good quality food, you need to step into one of the best breakfast restaurants in Fort Saskatchewan, the Eggcellent P’Eats. This restaurant is located next to Peter Ream Park on 102 Street.


PrimeTime Donair & Poutine for Comfort Fast Food

PrimeTime Donair & Poutine for Comfort Fast food in Fort Saskatchewan SouthPointe Shopping Centre

The PrimeTime Donair & Poutine near the SouthPointe Shopping Centre is the place to get Canadian and some Middle Eastern fast food in Fort Saskatchewan. This place is open until 9 p.m., and only a few are operational at night. Though their prices are a bit steep, the taste has been consistently acceptable for all the years they have been in operation.


Wok N’ Go at WestPark Centre North Mall

Wok N' Go at WestPark Centre North Mall - Asian Restaurants in Fort Saskatchewan

The Chinese food in Fort Saskatchewan is less readily available than what you will find in major cities like Toronto, Ottawa, or even Quebec. However, one of the better Chinese restaurants in Fort Saskatchewan is the Wok N’ Go. This family-run business started in 2004 in Edmonton and now owns about five franchises. The food menu in Wok N’ Go is all about chow mein, fried rice, wonton mee and some stir-fried beef dishes. You can find Wok N’ Go Chinese Restaurant at WestPark Centre North Shopping Mall.


Pho Hoan Pasteur Vietnamese Restaurant

Pho Hoan Pasteur - One of the Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Saskatchewan

Pho Hoan Pasteur, located on 86 Avenue, is one of a handful of Vietnamese restaurants in Fort Saskatchewan. This is where you go for authentic Vietnamese broth, vermicelli bowls, spring rolls and rice with fresh beef, vegetables and salads. Just be sure to ask them not to put peanuts in their dishes, as many of them come with peanuts if you have a peanut allergy.


The Atlantic Kitchen Seafood Restaurant

The Atlantic Kitchen Seafood Restaurants in Fort Saskatchewan - Prides Fish and Chips and Fresh Seafood

If you love seafood, make sure to visit The Atlantic Kitchen, one of the best seafood restaurants in Fort Saskatchewan. The menu of The Atlantic Kitchen includes fish (haddock, cod, and Halibut) & chips, Newfoundland fish, steaks, halibut fries and mess poutine. If you are not into seafood, you can still order sandwiches, burgers and breakfast (before noon). The portions are generous and you will be satisfied with the service here as both the staff and customers are friendly.


Modo Mio Italian Restaurant near Eastgate Plaza

Modo Mio Italian Restaurant Located near Eastgate Plaza for Good Pizza and Pasta

There are few Italian restaurants in Fort Saskatchewan, but Modo Mio has steadily been one of the best. The menu in Modo Milo Restaurant includes spaghetti, seafood, Stromboli, meatballs, and pizzas, all at great prices. This Italian restaurant is great for both lunchtime and especially for supper time. You can reach it here from 89 Avenue, located along 111 Street.


Is it dinner or supper in Saskatchewan?

The locals commonly call the later afternoon meal Supper rather than dinner, and compared to their American neighbors, they generally have lighter meals at that time of the day.


The Venue by Ken’s Catering in Fort Station Shopping Mall

Western and Grilled Steak Food in Fort Saskatchewan - The Venue by Ken's Catering Located in Fort Station Shopping Mall

Opened in 2020, The Venue by Ken’s Catering has been providing some of the best Western food in Fort Saskatchewan because of their past experience in the catering industry and, listening to the locals’ needs and keeping them happy with top-quality gourmet food at reasonable prices. The Venue by Ken’s Catering is located in Fort Station Shopping Mall on 98th Avenue. This is a great dining place in the city and the Venue by Ken’s Catering menu is buffet style with a selection of protein, vegetables, salads and soups. Everything is made fresh and with high-quality local ingredients.


Tummy Full Authentic East Indian & Fusion Restaurant

Tummy Full Authentic East Indian & Fusion Restaurant located near Southfort Boulevard - Indian restaurants in Fort Saskatchewan

One of the best East Indian restaurants in Fort Saskatchewan is the Tummy Full restaurant, located on Town Crest Road near Southfort Boulevard. The Tummy Full restaurant menu includes all the lovely dishes like lamb curry, Tandoori Chicken, Naan, Butter Chicken, Palak Paneer, Lamb Vindaloo, Samosas, Biryani dishes and many more vegetarian options. The food is authentic, the portions are adequate, and the staff is very responsive and friendly.

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