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5 Cheap Places to Eat in Barcelona



5 Cheap Places to Eat in Barcelona
5 Cheap Places to Eat in Barcelona

5 Cheap Places to Eat in Barcelona Barcelona is a cultural spot which holds many historical buildings and offers a unique city vibes. Tourists can also find many cheap eats in this city. You’ll realise that even the more expensive restaurants have more affordable options in their lunch; “menu del dia”. Often, these deals include of 3 courses. Also, they come with a drink and coffee at a cost of around $10-$15. If you don’t see it advertised, ask for the cheap menu by name and normally they show you a hand-written chalkboard in the corner. For your comfort while visit there, here is a list of 5 best cheap eats in Barcelona.


1. Pikio Taco

There are many Mexican choices in Barcelona, however, Pikio Taco, is a local favourite. This shop is positioned across the road from Generator Barcelona. Their tacos are cheap at €3.5 each which you can try their selection of tacos. They offer local favourite Pikio with beef and chorizo with Guacamole for €4 and Nachos for €8. they are perfect if you want to share it together. Also, don’t forget to try their tasty must-have frozen Margaritas priced at €5.

2. Narciso

Narciso is a place which offers the traditional schiacciata (bread) all they way from Tuscany, Italy. A delicious sandwich right there in front of your eyes with the best and fresh ingredients as well as incredible sauces. The prices for these treats generally ranges from $6 – $13.

3. Bao Bao

Asian street food at its best, this shop offers bun-baozi, a steamed Asian bread shaped into a bun filled with delicious food. Also, for vegetarians, there is the Bao Gandhi and there is even a Bao Obama filled with barbeque chicken. The prices for the buns ranges from $6 – $11.

4. Teddy’s Barcelona

Teddy is offering “saj” sandwiches in Barcelona which made on the spot.. The fresh dough is hand rolled, spread on a pillow shaped cloth, and slammed on a hot convex griddle. Also, while baking, they top the bread with fresh and unique Lebanese ingredients. This delicious sandwich costs somewhere between $3 – $7. They offer vegetarian  and vegan as well as normal meaty sandwiches.

5. A Tu Bola

This small restaurant is located in the Raval neighbourhood. The dish they offer is Rotund food or balls.The chef is Israeli, so as you get the excellent chickpea fritters with middle eastern touch.Also, the Asian chicken meatballs are one of local favorites. if you want dessert, you can get a large chocolate too.


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