Best Cafes in Thessaloniki

Best Cafes in Thessaloniki

Beautiful Cafes in Thessaloniki

Cafes in Thessaloniki have a long history of accommodating coffee lovers. From old and traditional cafes to modern cafes where you can taste the food and drinks of the industrial and modern world, you can find them all in this city. The variety of drinks and coffees in the cafes of this city is very large, and you can order almost any model you like. The availability of corner coffee shops indicates the importance of coffee and drinking in this city. This allows both the peripteros and cafes in Thessaloniki to have a special variety and quality, including traditional and on-demand types.



Café Palermo at The Corner of Pavlos Melas Park

Art cafes in Thessaloniki - Café Palermo is Found at The Corner of Pavlos Melas Park and Has a Beautiful Street Setting and Back Garden

Cafe Palermo can be considered one of those secret cafes in Thessaloniki that comes with a beautiful garden setting. This cafe is in an old and special building near Grand Aristotle Square and Pavlos Melas Park. When you climb the stairs of this building, you will feel that you have entered another era. The decorations used and also the antiques placed in this building will surely grab your attention. The relatively large windows in this building allow natural light to enter this cafe during the day and give it a special feeling. The coffee here is prepared the old-fashioned way with Greek hospitality.



Υpsilon Art Cafe in The City Center

Υpsilon Art Cafe is Lcoated in The City Center and Has a Space Suitable for Work with Laptops And Reading Books

The atmosphere in Ypsilon Cafe on Edessis Street near the famous “To Aromatopolion” perfume store in Thessaloniki is also very special and impressive. The design of this cafe is minimal, and its environment is multicultural.
This cafe is very roomy and therefore, its space has been divided into two large parts. One of these sections is for people who read books or people who plan to work with their laptops. This part of the coffee house is naturally quiet, and a suitable space has been prepared for these groups. But the other part of this cafe is suitable for friendly gatherings or various dates.
If you want to have a drink and a little chat, this part of Υpsilon Art Cafe is right for you. The drinks menu of this cafe is very diverse, and you can find almost any drink and any type of coffee you want. But it might be interesting to try one of the authentic and local drinks of this area and this cafe. For many residents of Thessaloniki, Greece, Υpsilon Art Cafe is their first choice, and more importantly, they serve coffee up until the early hours of the morning.


Youkali near The Aristotelian Theater

Youkali is Accessible near The Aristotelian Theater - Art Cafes in Thessaloniki

As a historical city in Greece, it is not far from imagining that many cafes with ancient themes and appearances are working in this city. Youkali Cafe, near the Aristotelian Theater, is another one of these cafes in Thessaloniki that has created a very special and strange atmosphere.

When you enter this cafe, it is as if you have been thrown back in time. Of course, although the overall structural framework of this cafe is modern, it has tried to use traditional elements in its construction. The coffee, the paintings on the wall, and the design of the columns are all designed in such a way that the guests of this cafe enter the old and traditional Greek coffee shop.


The Blue Cup located Next to Museum of Illusions

The Blue Cup Pioneered Tehe Modern Coffee Culture in Thessaloniki And is Located Next to Museum of Illusions

The Blue Cup Cafe is in one of the historical parts of this city which is scattered along the city’s harbor. This cafe is famous for pioneering the new wave of coffee culture in this city and focuses most on coffee preparation. They try to prepare various coffee beans and roast coffee using new methods. This cafe is in a historical building, the Museum of Illusions, and is very close to the city’s port. If high-quality coffee and drinks are your priority, this cafe is highly recommended.



EFHMERIDA SKG close to White Tower of Thessaloniki

Street cafes in Thessaloniki - EFHMERIDA SKG (Εφημερίδα) is Located Close to White Tower of Thessaloniki

If you prefer to enjoy your drink in a lively and slightly more crowded cafe, EFHMERIDA SKG will be perfect for you. The word Efimerida means “newspaper” in Greek. This is one of the cafes in Thessaloniki, which is located near the port and very close to the White Tower of Thessaloniki on Filikis Eterias Alley. If you are a young student or a tourist, then this is a spot to drink coffee. Of course, the reason for this welcome can be considered its very low prices. Furthermore, if you like to have your drink in a cheap and lively environment and be able to socialize with the locals, keep this cafe in mind.

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