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Best Restaurants in Vacaville

Best Restaurants in Vacaville

List of Famous Restaurants in Vacaville

Being part of the ever-growing cities in California, there is no shortage of excellent restaurants in Vacaville, California, offering different types of food in Vacaville. Much of the food here is Mexican, but there are Chinese, Italian, Indian, and Japanese places to eat in Vacaville that many blue and white color workers and residents visit very often.

The most famous food known and readily found in Vacaville is Latin food, whether of Mexican origin or any other part of the Spanish-speaking community. This observation is due to both immigration from Latin countries and the formation of this city, which has a majority Mexican population.


Los Reyes Restaurante Y Cantina in the Downtown District

Los Reyes Restaurante Y Cantina Located in the Downtown District - Famous Mexican Restaurants in Vacaville Downtown for Latin and Mexican Food

Mexican food in Vacaville is the stable food. Many eateries across the city offer Mexican and Latin food at various prices. If you are near Andrews Park, then you should try one of the best Mexican restaurants in downtown Vacaville called Los Reyes Restaurante Y Cantina. This eatery has it all: great Latin food, a dedicated bar with liquor and spirits, a lovely outdoor patio, menus for all ages, and different diets, such as vegetarian and vegan. The operation hours of Los Reyes Restaurante Y Cantina are from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. on the weekdays and 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on the weekends.


Wah Shine in the Vaca Village Shopping Center

Wah Shine Located in the Vaca Village Shopping Center - Cheap Chinese Food in Vacaville California

Americans love their Chinese take-out, and Wah Shine, located in the Vaca Village Shopping Center, offers some of the Chinese food in Vacaville that Americans are familiar with and like. This restaurant is not the only Chinese restaurant in Vacaville, but what sets this eatery apart is, first, its accessibility, being in a shopping mall, and second, the service is quick and friendly. The food is on par with some of the best Chinese American eateries you know and love, and their prices are generally on the low side, too.


Pietro’s No. 1 for Southern Italian Cuisine

Pietro's No. 1 for Southern Italian Cuisine Located near the intersection of Mason and Cernon Streets - Nice Italian Restaurants in Vacaville

According to many food enthusiasts, Pietro’s No. 1 is truly one of the most friendly Italian restaurants in Vacaville, serving southern Italian food and providing great hospitality. This Italian joint opened its doors in 1959 by an Italian immigrant named Pietro Murdaca.

What makes them great is that the family business has kept its original structure, and the food quality has remained relatively the same over the years. The food menu includes what you expect to see in an Italian eatery, including pasta, pizzas, salads, soups, and appetizers. There is also a separate lounge with a dedicated bar where you can sit there and enjoy a few Italian imports or local whiskies or wine. This restaurant is in the midtown area, near the intersection of Mason and Cernon Streets.


Muay Thai Cuisine in the Creekside Center Mall

Delicious Traditional Thai Food in California - Muay Thai Cuisine Located in the Creekside Center Mall

If you miss having delicious Thai food in Vacaville, then you are in luck when you step into Muay Thai Cuisine restaurant located in the Creekside Center Mall. There are not many Thai restaurants in Vacaville, CA, but Muay Thai Cuisine is trying to fill that gap with great, delicious food so that you will always have a place to go when you feel like some pad thai. You can also try yellow curry chicken, mango salad, soups, Tom Yum fried rice, and various noodles.


Thavma Greek Food Truck in the Home Depot Parking Lot

Thavma Greek Food Truck in the Home Depot Parking Lot Offers Delicious Mediterranean food at Low Prices

Home Depot is known for great shopping and good food on a budget, and the Thayma Greek Food Truck in the parking lot here is a testament to that. You can still get Greek food in Vacaville from Grill bars and restaurants, but this food truck offers some delicacies that are within what any Greek restaurant can provide. The food stables on the menu are chicken and lamb gyros, kebabs, baklava desserts, and salads.


Essence Indian Cuisine for Vegan Indian Dishes

Essence Indian Cuisine at 780 Merchant Street for Vegan Indian Dishes and Flavorful Indian Food

When you feel like having some Indian food in Vacaville, then you can give Essence Indian Cuisine eatery a chance. This place is one of the Indian restaurants in Vacaville that has some authentic Indian food at reasonable prices. Typically, Indian food loses its spiciness and intense flavors in the USA, but this restaurant manages to recreate Indian dishes with both local and imported spices and ingredients as close as possible to what you can get in north India. The famous menu items include lamb korma, naans, lassi, and Chole Bhature. There are also some delicious dishes available here. The Essence Indian Cuisine is located at 780 Merchant Street.


Wren’s Café on the Merchant Street

Wren's Café Found on the Merchant Street is one of Best Breakfast Restaurants in Vacaville, CA

Opened in 1986 by the Moreno family, the cafe’s name is set to be “Wren” in order to honor the family’s grandparents who came here to the USA from Spain for a better life. With options like biscuits and gravy, bacon and eggs, various breakfast burritos, and sandwiches with very good prices and portions, Wren’s Cafe is definitely one of the best breakfast restaurants in Vacaville. The diner’s interior is always clean, the tables are cared for, and the service is immaculate. You can find Wren’s Cafe on Merchant Street, accessible via Alamo Driveway.


Cherry Blossom Ramen & Sushi Bar in Regency Park Plaza

Cherry Blossom Ramen & Sushi Bar Located in Regency Park Plaza Provides Quality Japanese Food at Great Prices

There are a handful of sushi restaurants in Vacaville, but when it comes to quantity and quality, Cherry Blossom Ramen & Sushi Bar in Regency Park Plaza is among the best Japanese food places in Vacaville, CA. The menu here includes Bento Boxes, sushi, rolls, ramen with delicious broth, and appetizers. The flavors are not over the top, so if you do not like traditional Japanese food, you can still dine here. In terms of pricing, the menu items are priced relatively affordable, but if you want the most bang for the buck, you need to order from their Bento Box menu.


Vitality Bowls in Nut Tree Plaza Mall

Vitality Bowls Located in Nut Tree Plaza Mall - Vegan & Healthy Food in California Vacaville

Started by the GILAD family in 2011, Vitality Bowls is a local California native eatery that offers some of the most delicious vegan food in Vacaville that comes in the shape of a bowl. In this bowl, there are lots of flavorful ingredients, but they have managed to bring the Vitality Bowl calories as low as possible, around 700 at most. If you are looking for one of the healthiest restaurants in Vacaville’s Nut Tree Plaza, then Vitality Bowls is your best bet. Other than bowls, the menu includes smoothies, fresh fruit juices, wraps, and paninis.

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