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Best Cafes in Montreal

Best Cafes in Montreal

Most Unique Cafes in Montreal for Quality Coffee

There are hundreds of cafes in Montreal with all sorts of coffee and pastries. However, the Montreal cafes mentioned here are amongst the coffee shops in Montreal that have proven to be the most consistent in terms of quality and customer satisfaction. Most Montreal cafes open until late afternoon, like 7 or 8 p.m. and open as early as 6 a.m., offering coffee to students and early commuters.


How Many Coffee Shops Are There in Montreal?

There are hundreds of small, family-owned, and franchise coffee shops in Montreal. That is because Montreal is known for having a great coffee culture. The range for coffee prices in Montreal is between and.



Café Milano Montréal Italian Cafe in Saint-Leonard

Café Milano Montréal Italian Cafe Located in Saint-Leonard - Italian Cafes in Montreal

Since 1971, Café Milano has been serving the Montreal community with no-nonsense coffee, cheap yet delicious pastries, great sandwiches, and breakfast deals. Interestingly, Café Milano is one of the only cafes in Montreal that is open until very late, like 1 in the morning. They operate as early as 6 a.m. the following day every day. You can grab your affordable coffee and food in Café Milano at 5188 East Jarry Street.


Café Saint-Henri in Marché Jean-Talon in Marché-du-Nord

Cute Coffee Shops in Montreal - Café Saint-Henri Located in Marché Jean-Talon in Marché-du-Nord

Even though it is a bit pricey, it is one of the cute coffee shops in Montreal with great aesthetics and very friendly baristas. Café Saint-Henri is located in Marché Jean-Talon in Marché-du-Nord of Little Italy, very close to De Castelnau subway station. The menu here includes high-quality coffee options, vegan and vegetarian sandwiches and great quality matcha and pastries. The tables outside are a great spot to enjoy your coffee and have a chat with friends. The Café Saint-Henri is open every day from 8 in the morning until 6 p.m.


Café Ambrose near McGill University Campus

Café Ambrose Coffee in Montreal Downtown near McGill University Campus

Café Ambrose is a mini hotel with a dedicated small cafe, which is also one of the beautiful Montreal cafes near the McGill University campus. This building is inside the Golden Square Mile, known for its Victorian-style architecture, and this cafe has a similar build. Most people visit them for pastries, but the coffee quality is also acceptable. This cafe is open daily except on Sundays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.


L’Or en Grain – Boutique de Café in the Center of Plateau-Mont-Royal

L'Or en Grain - Boutique de Café Found in the Center of Plateau-Mont-Royal -Coffee Equipment and Torrefacteur in Montreal

Located in the Center of Plateau-Mont-Royal, near Mont-Royal subway station, L’Or en Grain – Boutique de Café is one of the cafes in Montreal for lighter flavored coffee like lattes and flat whites. This is an excellent spot for all equipment related to coffee roasting, like Chemex or Torrefacteur Montreal, because they have all sorts of coffee beans from all over the world and will mix and match them for you if you want knowledgeable baristas and want to discuss with them what type of coffee suits you, this is the place to go. The location of L’Or en Grain cafe is at 751 East Rue Rachel.


Café Olimpico – Centre-Ville in Promenades Cathédrale

Italian Coffee Shops in Montreal - Café Olimpico inside Centre-Ville in Promenades Cathédrale

Opened by an Italian immigrant in 1970 just for watching football and playing cards, this cafe has become a magnificent coffee shop in Montreal downtown for hanging out and drinking proper Italian espresso. The owner, Rocco Furfaro and his family have continued the legacy of providing quality coffee to all people who visit this coffee shop. The menu of Café Olimpico comprises of Italian coffee, cakes, biscotti, cannoli, tramisu and bombolone. Everything baked here is homemade and the coffee flavors are very unique. This coffee shop is located in the Promenades Cathédrale right next to McGill subway station at 1333 Blvd Robert-Bourassa.



Best Cafes in Montreal to Study and Work

There are multiple cafes in Montreal to study and work. Below are a few of them that students found comfortable, having stable Wi-Fi and big enough tables for long seating sessions. You can find a corner cafe to get your work done but the ones mentioned here are in prime locations or close to university campuses.



Cafe Aunja in the Golden Square Mile

Cafe Aunja in the Golden Square Mile is one of Best Cafes in Montreal to Study for Students

Opened in 2013, Cafe Aunja is located in the Golden Square Mile, very close to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts at 1448 Sherbrooke Street. Because Persians run this cafe, the interior is very elaborate and is inspired by Persian culture. However, it is still one of the best cafes in Montreal to study as this cafe is very calm and welcoming to students.

The menu at Cafe Aunja includes full English and Iranian breakfasts, cheese omelet, lentil soup, saffron cake, and all kinds of drinks and sandwiches. The drink menu is around $5 to $6, and the food menu starts at $8 and goes all the way to $20. Cafe Aunja’s hours of operation are from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on the weekdays and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the weekends. They are closed on Mondays.


Café Replika in the Plateau Mont-Royal Area

Cheap Cafes in Montreal for Studying - Café Replika Located in the Plateau Mont-Royal Area

Café Replika is on the list of the best cafes in Montreal to study because of the abundance of comfortable chairs, large tables and a very calm atmosphere. The menu at Café Replika is very simple, with choices of black coffee, cappuccino and flat white with some deserts like scones and a few vegetarian offerings. Overall, if you want a stable WIFI in an unassuming coffee to get your work done, this is a perfect place for that. You can find Café Replika in the Plateau Mont-Royal area at 252 Rue Rachel E, between La Fontaine and Jeanne-Mance Parks.


Café Humble Lion near the McGill College

Café Humble Lion Located near the McGill College is Suitable for Remote Work and Study

Another one of the amazing Montreal cafes to study and do your remote work is one of the branches of Café Humble Lion, located on McGill College Avenue near Peel Metro Station. Café Humble Lion is situated in the heart of downtown. It has access to major museums and McGill University, which is suitable for students and even meeting friends for coffee. The menu at Café Humble Lion is simple; they offer hot and cold coffee with some cakes like scones. The atmosphere is calming, and light music is playing in the background.

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