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Best Souvenirs from Brazil

Best Souvenirs from Brazil

Popular Souvenirs from Brazil

When one travels to Brazil, one should be mindful of the availability of many unique souvenirs from Brazil that they can take home, as there are numerous ornaments, food condiments, desserts, sculptures and a lot of traditional fabrics that may attract their interest. Most of these items are relatively cheap, but you still need to be mindful to avoid getting scammed. Make sure to have a general price range in mind and not overpay for them.


Brazilian Beauty Products

Most Popular Souvenirs from Brazil - Brazilian Beauty Products Like Skincare and Hair

Brazil has a distinct love for beauty products and they are becoming one of the largest exporters of such products. Therefore, one of the main souvenirs from Brazil can be these fantastic beauty products which are also made in an environmentally friendly manner and with protecting nature in mind. Skincare and hair beauty products are among the most used items in this industry.


Traditional Instruments used in Local Festivals

You can Bring Home Some Instruments Used in Festivals and Dance Events Like Samba, Forró and Funk

Many of the national music genres like samba, forró and funk use local instruments developed by years of migrations to this country. Some of these instruments include Pandeiro, Atabaque, Berimbau, Xequerê, which are candidates for Brazilian souvenirs if you have adequate space to bring them back with you.


Brazilian Spicy Peppers

Brazilian Spicy Peppers are Normally Used in the Northern Brazilian Cuisine

Many people may need to learn about northern Brazilian cuisine because it is incredibly spicy. Peppers appear in many Brazilian recipes and are often added to snacks or main dishes. Many stores in the state of Bahia sell large bottles of chili oil with a few small red, yellow, and orange peppers inside. This oil is suitable for spicy food lovers and can also serve as another one of the flavorful souvenirs from Brazil. Just make sure to carry it in a secure package to reduce the chance of leakage.


Local Attraction Souvenirs

Popular Brazilian Souvenirs - Local Attraction Souvenirs Statues or key-Rings

Brazil has some of the most impressive monuments in the world, such as the Statue of Christ the Redeemer, Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio, or more modern architecture as part of Sao Paulo attractions. Today, these famous tourist attractions are seen in small sizes as souvenirs all over Brazil; Although these small Brazilian souvenirs are nothing special, they can be a unique takeaway from your trip to Brazil. You can look at them in later years and remember your trip to this beautiful country.


Traditional Samba Clothes

Traditional Samba Clothes used in the Famous Carnival - Famous Souvenirs from Brazil

If there is only one music that describes Brazil, it is samba. Samba has its own culture of dance and clothing and is generally associated with the annual Rio Carnival. The costumes of this Carnival are very flamboyant but few and have magnificent and luxurious clothes. Rio’s samba schools are the best place to find these costumes after the end of Carnival.


Colorful Gemstones from Minas Gerais State

Colorful Gemstones Sourced from Minas Gerais State with Genuine and Semi-Precious Pieces

The state of Minas Gerais is famous for its precious stones, especially emeralds. This state is the best place in Brazil to buy beautiful necklaces, bracelets and rings decorated with local emeralds. Brazil produces a considerable percentage of colored gemstones in the world, and this country’s cities have unique places to buy genuine and semi-precious souvenirs from Brazil.



Brazilian Canga Fabric and Mats

Brazilian Canga Fabric and Mats Made with Many Colors and Beautiful Designs

“Canga” is a Brazilian beach towel that has various uses. Canga can be used as a dress, shirt, skirt, or even sofa cover. These fabrics are light and made in beautiful designs that make them popular souvenirs from Brazil.



Fashionable Havaianas Flip-flops

Fashionable Havaianas Flip-flops made for Comfort - Essential and Popular Brazilian Souvenirs

You should know Brazil’s national flip-flop sandals, with the famous brand “Havaianas”, which can be found in every Brazilian store. These flip-flops are the best souvenirs from Brazil that you can carry back. Although this sandal is sold all over the world today, buying it from the country of origin of this brand seems more special. You will find these flip-flops in different parts of big cities in Brazil, and the colorful designs and patterns.


Bahian Ladies Ornaments

Bahian Ladies Ornaments are Small Ornaments Made Shaped like The local Indigenous Women of Brazil

Decorative objects in the shape or with motifs of “Bahian Ladies” are Brazilian souvenirs from Bahia and northern Brazil. These women are shown with dark skin and local clothes, with their puffy and colorful skirts adding to this appeal.


Brazilian Desserts and Sweets

Brazilian Desserts and Sweets like Quindim and Brigadeiro - Delicious Souvenirs from Brazil

Sweets are very popular in Brazil, leading to the creation of fantastic Brazilian sweets. Some of the best sweets souvenirs from Brazil are nut-based sweets such as “Quindim”, honey cake called “pão de mel”, chocolate and honey balls called “brigadeiro” and a mixture of White corn with honey milk and cinnamon called canjica.



Manteiga-de-garrafa (butter-from-a-bottle)

Manteiga-de-garrafa is Also Known as Butter-from-a-bottle used in local Dishes 

“Butter-from-a-bottle” is used in the north of Brazil and it is poured on foods such as meat, rice and beans to make it more oily and give it a better taste and aroma. This jar is filled with local butter, kept at room temperature, and placed on the dining table next to salt and pepper seasonings. This souvenir may seem like it could be healthier, but it is worth trying.


Artistic Soapstone Sculptures

Artistic Soapstone Sculptures made witha Very Hard Local Stone Which Generally comes in Black Color 

Brazilian soapstone is used in kitchen stonework due to its dark color combined with marble surface. You can find these beautiful Brazilian souvenirs in the forms of sculptures and handmade objects with this Brazilian soapstone, which have a good variety and attractive shapes for souvenirs.

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