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Best of Madison Cafes

Best of Madison Cafes

Top Madison Cafes and Coffee Shops in Wisconsin

There are many Madison cafes and coffee shops that provide quality coffee, great breakfast options, and delicious lunch meals, however, in this list, you will get to explore some of the best which are more popular with locals and students because of their good prices, accessibility, and overall positive vibes. Some of them are even good for laptop workers to get away from and enjoy some work done on the outside and feel the city, avoiding interdependence with the home environment.

Some of these coffee shops in Madison have amazing in-house bakeries that dish out great pastries like croissants, waffles, and bagels competing with some of the best in the U.S.



Yola’s Cafe and Coffee Shop of Madison in Cortland Commons

Located in the famous Cortland Commons, Yola’s Cafe is one of the most promising coffee shops in Madison Wisconsin because of its family roots, and customers are also treated like families when they enter here. The owners of this coffee house pride themselves in providing quality coffee as well as food to their customers and over the years they have not let down on their promise.

Here, you can get all kinds of lattes, beverages, tea, smoothies, sandwiches, waffles, and much more with added options of gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian with a minimal extra cost to your bill. If you go there for breakfast you will not be disappointed as they are arguably one of the better Madison cafes when it comes to delicious breakfast and coffee at fair prices and quality.


Fair Trade Coffee House near Madison Museum of Contemporary Art

Fair Trade Coffee House is Located Very Close to Madison Museum of Contemporary Art - Coffee Shops in Madison, Wi

Fair Trade Coffee House can be considered one of the best coffee shops in Madison Wisconsin for getting some light laptop work done because the interior is very peaceful, and artistic and the Wi-Fi connection is very stable. If you want to have a coffee after 5 p.m., this is one of such Madison cafes open till later hours of the evening providing a wide range of lattes, coffees, sandwiches, paninis, soups, assorted bagels, quiche, and more. Fair Trade Coffee House is located on State Street, nearby the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art.


Cargo Coffee located in the Constellation Apartments

Cargo Coffee is a Good Place for Working and Live Performances located in the Constellation Apartments

Cargo Coffee is one of the best coffee shops in Madison, WI, for live performances. Despite numerous performances and live singing on the weekends, Cargo Coffee which is located in the Constellation Apartments is one of the Madison cafes to work and study because of its stable Wi-Fi, roomy interior, and quite affordable coffee prices. The breakfast menu at Cargo Coffee includes breakfast burritos, sandwiches, and ham & cheese croissants. The lunch menu has interesting items like BLTs, wraps, and soups.


Black Locust Cafe on East Washington Avenue

Madison Cafes - Black Locust Cafe Which is located on East Washington Avenue

As part of the Robinia Courtyard entertainment center on East Washington Avenue, Black Locust Cafe is among the best cafes in Madison for those seeking vegetarian or vegan food and good quality latte cafes. If you want to know which are the Madison cafes open till late, then you should Black Locust Cafe as this cafe opens daily except on Mondays from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Make sure to try their courtyard and their delicious Jian Bing Crepe and Biscuit and gravy.


Indie Coffee College Cafe on Regent Street

Coffee Shops in Madison Downtown Wisconsin - Indie Coffee is a College Cafe Located on Regent Street

Indie Coffee has become one of the most successful college cafes in Wisconsin. This spot has friendly staff, a positive environment, and importantly, a fantastic selection of coffee, their famous waffles, and all-day breakfast and lunch deals. There is also a beautifully decorated patio at the back of the Indie Coffee Shop where sometimes artists hang around. This Indie Coffee is close to a few Madison University campuses, especially the Engineering campus, located on Regent Street. Overall, it is a great spot to have coffee with waffles and egg muffins.


Ancora Cafe + Bakery in Downtown Madison and University Avenue

Ancora Cafwe and Bakery is Located in Downtown Madison and On the University Avenue - Outdoor Downtown Madison Cafes

Another locally operated and owned Madison cafes would be the Ancora Cafe and Bakery which opened a year after Colectivo Coffee Shop in 1994 by the Krug family as one of the first coffee shops in downtown Madison, WI. Over the years, the family expanded the business and opened more locations on University Avenue and Maple Bluff Village.

The Ancora Cafe and Bakery has a menu that offers good quality wraps, toasts, hash browns, and sandwiches with generous portions and affordable prices. The drink menu is simple and considers which includes coffee, tea, smoothies, and if you are into alcoholic spirits. If you purchase a bag of their coffee beans, you will receive a cup of drip coffee for free.


Colectivo Coffee – On the Square in the Tenney Plaza

best Cafes Madisin WI - Colectivo Coffee Located On the Square in the Tenney Plaza

The On the Square branch of Colectivo Coffee Shop is one of the best Madison cafes to work from home if you prefer a bit of the bustle of the city while doing that. The story of this cafe started in 1993 when they used to roast coffee by hand. Because of their work ethic and coffee-making expertise, they managed to expand this business to multiple locations. Currently, three branches of Colectivo are located in Madison: Monroe Street, On The Square or Pinckney Street, and State Street. There are more branches across the estate of Wisconsin and even in Chicago.

You can find the On the Square branch at the corner of Pinckney and Main Streets, located on the ground floor of a pretty and historic building in Tenney Plaza. The Colectivo coffee on the Square menu prices are very reasonable. The menu includes food (breakfast, lunch, and brunch with vegetarian options), drinks (all kinds of coffee and tea), and desserts (baked goods made in their in-house Troubadour Bakery). Also, for most Colectivo Madison branches, the hours of operation are from 6:30 in the morning to 6 p.m. daily.

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