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Top Souvenirs From Morocco



Top Souvenirs From Morocco

Top Souvenirs From Morocco

With unique culture and many local markets, Morocco souvenirs are unique gifts to bring home. You can also buy many top souvenirs from Morocco to get for friends and relatives as well. Morocco is truly a heaven for shoppers. These items cost very much cheaper from other countries and they are very unique since they are all handmade.



Tadelakt Home Accessories

Africa Travel Tips - Tadelakt Home Accessories Are Colorful And Shiny Products

These accessories are colorful and shiny products with a tadelakt finishing. They all come in little containers, soap dishes and toothbrush holders in a range of colors from blue to brown. Such colorful accessories are surely some of the best souvenirs from Morocco that you can use to decorate your home.


Leather Bags

Africa Travel Tips - Leather Bags is of High Quality And Make Sure to Smell Them First

Buying leather in Marrakech is a must for visitors. Make sure to check out the quality before you buy which the best way is by smelling them.



Morocco Souvenirs - Soaps bars Are Made With Argan Oil And Can be Used For Skin Care

One of the best Morocco souvenirs to buy here are the soap bars. Orange blossom water and jasmine make for lovely soap bars as well as room sprays. Also, the addition of argan oil provides extra moisturizer for the skin.



Top Souvenirs From Morocco - Djellaba is Suitable For Winter And Summer Clothing

In winter men and in summer time women wear this style. Also, various styles and quality of djellaba are available as cultural souvenirs from Morocco.


Green Glass & Tableware

Morocco Souvenirs - Green Glass & Tableware From Beldi Glass Company

These unique glasses were at risk of disappearing when the factory closed. However, thanks to the Beldi Glass company, the tradition continues to this day. Also, the tea cups are available in various sizes and styles as well as Moroccan tableware. Therefore, these glasses are some of the most unique morocco souvenirs that you can purchse.



Top Souvenirs From Morocco - Babouche Are Traditional Slippers With Many Patters And Colors

Babouche slippers are a traditional souvenirs from Morocco that you should really look forward to buy them. They all come in various colors and with different patters. There are many markets in the capital city that offer modern version of these slippers. However, it is nicer to get the traditional ones to bring home with you.


Argan Oil

Morocco Souvenirs - Argan Oil Comes From Essaouira And From Argan Tree

Argan oil is truly one of the most quintessential morocco souvenirs that you can buy. Essaouira is the only place in the world where argan trees grow. Also, argan oil is a really on demand commodity here. However, be careful as the quality of these oil bottles are not the same here.


Berber baskets

Africa Travel Tips - Berber baskets Are Used in Restaurants And Storing Items Inside

These breadbaskets are getting popular in recent years as restaurants include them as part of their interior décor. These baskets are colorful souvenirs from Morocco that you can store some items inside while using them as home decoration as well.


Ras El Hanout

Morocco Souvenirs - Ras El Hanout is A Blend of The Best Spices in The Local Market

Spices are also some of the best Morocco souvenirs that you can get for cooking. Ras el hanout means ‘head of the shop’ as it is the blend made by the local shopkeeper. Moreover, it is a blend of the best spices in the local market and includes mainly of cumin, cinnamon, allspice as well as ginger.

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