Top Seafood Restaurants in Lisbon

Best Seafood Restaurants in Lisbon

Seafood in Lisbon has been rooted in the culture here. It is because restaurants in Lisbon have been dependent on fisheries and mongers near the port to provide them with seafood as it was the only source of accessible nutrition during the hard times that this country went through. Over the years the food industry managed to bring international attention to the quality of fish in Portuguese waters as well as the simplicity of cuisines in Portugal. That resulted in tourists wanting to have fresh seafood here to experience the food culture here.


Cervejaria Ramiro Famous As Ramiro Lisbon

Cervejaria Ramiro is Famous As Ramiro Lisbon - Best Seafood Restaurants in Lisbon

Opened in 1956, Cervejaria Ramiro started as a pastry store at the beginning of its operation. As a family business, Ramiro Introduced seafood to become an integral part of the menu here. Over the years, this restaurant has gained huge popularity and has become one of the best seafood restaurants in Lisbon. This fact is proven by the long queues forming outside daily.
The Cervejaria Ramiro menu is all about fresh seafood with items like tiger prawns, crabs, barnacles, garlic prawns, and clams. The prices at Cervejaria Ramiro are not mentioned on the menu, however, they are very reasonable and fair. The seafood here is delicious and is generally ordered based on weight. Also, the staff is friendly and the service is efficient and very quick. Moreover, Cervejaria Ramiro’s location is on Avenida Almirante Reis between Intendente and Martim Moniz subway stations.

Gambrinus near Dom Pedro IV Square


Located in the heart of Oldtown, you can dine in the Gambrinus restaurant. As one of the oldest seafood restaurants in Lisbon, you can find many grandparents who have dined here since its inception in 1936. In the year 1964, the interior was refurbished and its size expanded with bigger tables, leather, and wooden chairs fitted in. The atmosphere here is elegant and you can feel comfortable here. Hence, this restaurant has been the center of many economic and political events throughout the years.
The Gambrinus menu includes traditional cuisine, mostly focused on seafood in Lisbon, with quality ingredients. There are various small and large rooms here where depending on the size of the guests and level of privacy, you can choose to dine in them. Also, make sure to try their soups and crepes too. You can find Gambrinus at Rua das Portas de Santo Antão 23, near Dom Pedro IV square; accessible from Rossio train station.


Sea Me Peixaria Moderna Close to Baix-Chiado Subway Station

Best Seafood Restaurants in Lisbon - Sea Me Peixaria Moderna Sea Me Peixaria Moderna Which is Close to Baix-Chiado Subway Station

Unlike other seafood restaurants in Lisbon, Sea Me Peixaria Moderna has adopted Japanese fish preparation culture while still adhering to some traditional Portuguese methods. Opened in 2010, in the center of the Chiado neighborhood, Sea Me has put its mission to provide a modern and fun atmosphere and to transform traditional seafood in Lisbon into something more innovative and in line with Asian dishes.
Moreover, Sea Me Peixaria Moderna’s menu includes fresh sushi, sashimi, scallops, tiger prawns, tempuras, and maki with very fair price tags. Head to Rua do Loreto 21 to find Sea Me restaurant which is very close to the Praça Luís de Camões landmark. You can either stop at the Baix-Chiado subway station or hop off at Calhariz (Bica) transit stop. For that take either tram 28E or bus number 22B.


Frade dos Mares near Museu da Marioneta

Frade dos Mares is Found Near Museu da Marioneta With Modern take on Existing Seafood in Lisbon

A relatively new addition to seafood restaurants in Lisbon is Frade dos Mares. This restaurant offers a more modern take on existing seafood in Lisbon where its menu comes with items such as octopus, prawn risotto, cataplana pot, cod fish as well as a few vegetarian dishes. Here, you can have a dish that suits your own palate. The Frade dos Mares location is on Avenida Dom Carlos i55A, near Museu da Marioneta and close to the Conde Barão transit stop.



Best Cheap Seafood in Lisbon

Some of the best cheap seafood in Lisbon is found near the touristy Alfama neighborhood. But Downtown, you can still find many seafood places too.


Crisfama Known for its Grilled Grouper Fish

Crisfama is famously Known for its Grilled Grouper Fish and Other Seafood in Lisbon

Located at Rua da Cruz de Santa Apolónia 56, you can try Crisfama restaurant which offers some of the best cheap seafood in Lisbon. The famous dishes here are grilled grouper fish and octopus rice. The environment here is friendly and the food is quite delicious. You can also have a lot of wine and desserts too. The nearest public transport station is Santa Apolónia train station.


Sol e Pesca Best for High Quality Canned Seafood

Sol e Pesca is Best Known for High Quality Canned Seafood in Lisbon

Among the fanciest seafood restaurants in Lisbon city, Sol e Pesca is actually considered a bar where you can order some seafood here. Most of the seafood here is high-quality Portuguese canned seafood which you can choose from inside the shop. These are no ordinary canned seafood in Lisbon and they are selected to go well with your wine and beer while maintaining freshness of the meat.


Restaurante O Tasco Do Vigário near Lisbon Military Museum

Restaurante O Tasco Do Vigário is Located Near Lisbon Military Museum

Located in the calm yet touristy neighborhood of Alfama, there is another one of the great seafood restaurants in Lisbon which is Restaurante O Tasco Do Vigário. This is a good location for those who want cheap local food like grilled fish, rice and octopus, and sardines. Another good thing about here is that because of its location, the staff can speak a few languages which makes ordering food here much easier. You can also check out Lisbon Military Museum next door or just head to the beach nearby.

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