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Top 5 Bars in Honolulu (Hawaii)



Top 5 Bars in Honolulu (Hawaii)

Top 5 Bars in Honolulu (Hawaii)

Top 5 Bars in Honolulu (Hawaii) – Honolulu in Hawaii, is one of top touristic location for partying and relaxation relaxation. when not at beach lying down, you can have a go at the city’s amazing nightlife. Therefore, here’s some of the best bars you can visit during your stay in Honolulu.



1. Wang Chung’s Karaoke Bar

Top 5 Bars in Honolulu (Hawaii)

This place is one of the top bars in Honolulu. The people who work here are very friendly and they know how to play instruments as well. The beverages are great; the iconic drink here is “Yuzu Me, Prease” made with Hawaiian vodka, jelly, ginger lemon soda as well as Thai tea.


2. Arnold’s Beach Bar

Top 5 Bars in Honolulu (Hawaii)

This place is famous for being the last tiki bar in Honolulu. You can find it in a back alley, however, Arnold’s is definitely worth checking out. Here, You can enjoy enjoy some of the greatest drinks in Honolulu. since the bartenders are very friendly and their prices lower than almost anywhere else in Honolulu, you must visit here at least once.


3. Murphy’s Bar & Grill

Top 5 Bars in Honolulu (Hawaii)

Murphy’s Bar and Grill is located in Honolulu’s finance district. This bar is here since year 1891. However, today, it’s more like an Irish pub in Hawaii.


4. Bar 35

Top 5 Bars in Honolulu (Hawaii)

This bar is open since year 2005 and serves over 200 different brews in Chinatown of Honolulu. Also, Bar 35 offers classic as well as unique cocktails. You can get good offers during happy hour from 4pm till 10pm excluding weekends. If you want to grab some food here, you can get pizzas made with fresh ingredients as well.


5. Lewers Lounge

Top 5 Bars in Honolulu (Hawaii)

You can find this bar inside the Halekulani Hotel. This classy lounge has wood interior as well as low lighting. The drinks list here includes both all time favorites as well as new creations. If you like classic drinks, You can get gin & tonic while listening to jazz music here.

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