Best Souvenirs from Austria

Best Souvenirs from Austria

List of Famous Souvenirs from Austria

As a historic part of Europe, there are a lot of nice souvenirs from Austria you can buy, ranging from expensive Porcelain plates from Vienna to traditional clothing from Salzburg. Most of these Austria souvenirs are easily found across major cities like Vienna and Salzburg and come at various prices.



Vienna Porcelain Kitchen Decoration

Vienna Porcelain Kitchen Decoration Made by Hand - Luxury Souvenirs from Vienna Austria

One of the sought-after souvenirs from Austria is the royal Vienna Porcelain manufactured by the Vienna Porcelain Manufactory, which is one of the oldest porcelain factories in Europe. These porcelain plates and kitchenware are very famous for their quality and the attention to detail they exhibit. Generally, the main theme of this porcelain is Renaissance and Greek figures, and the company tries to accurately represent that time period. These Vienna souvenirs are precious and, therefore, do not come cheap. But if you have the means to afford them, they are indeed one-of-a-kind Austria souvenirs to bring back home.


Linzer Torte or Linzer Cookies

Linzer Torte or Linzer Cookies - Delicious Austria Souvenirs Made with STAUD'S Fruit Preserves

If you are ever in the city of Linz, you should really try having the Linzer torte, which is a traditional Austrian pastry and one of the oldest tarts in Europe. There are more souvenirs from Linz you can get, but this is a delicious and easy gift you can carry in your luggage. The main ingredients are just flour, nuts, and preserved fruits in the form of jams. The best spot to get these flavorful souvenirs from Austria is in the city of Linz and from Konditorei Jindrak Bakery at Landstraße 70 near the Schillerpark.


Lederhosen and Dirndl Traditional Clothing

Lederhosen and Dirndl Traditional Clothing - Similar to German Bavaria Clothing but Pricy

The Lederhosen and Dirndl are traditional regional clothes that got more international attention from the neighboring country of Germany during the Octoberfest celebrations in Bavaria. The Lederhosen are conventional clothes for men, and Dirndl is designed to be worn by women and young maidens. If you want to buy these traditional souvenirs from the Austrian city of Salzburg, there are multiple stores near the University Square that sell them at reasonable prices.


Schnapps Alcoholic Drinks

Schnapps Alcoholic Drinks - One of Alcohol Beverage in among Austria Souvenirs

Schnapps is a kind of brandy drink that has high alcohol content and is from fermented apricots. This drink is very similar to the Russian vodka but has a more palatable flavor and is shockingly smooth to drink. This drink used to be consumed for its medicinal characteristics in Germany but later got more popularity in Denmark and Austria.

There is another popular drink in Austria, which is called Almdudler and this drink is tasty and non-alcoholic. The Schnapps drink can be one of the great Austria souvenirs, but be sure to check the place you want to bring this drink over as it has high alcohol content in it. The city of Salzburg and the region of Carinthia have some of the best Schnapps in Austria.


Mozartkugel or Mozart Chocolate Balls

Sweet Souvenirs from Austria - Mozartkugel or Mozart Chocolates made with Almond and Pistachio Inside

Mozartkugel means Mozart Ball in German language and was created in 1890 to honor the Austrian composer Mozart. The ingredients of Mozartkugel include almonds, cocoa powder, sugar, pistachio and some other small amounts of hazelnuts. Sometimes, they contain some liqueur and brandy in them. These chocolate are packed nicely and make great souvenirs from Austria. You can buy them anywhere including major supermarkets across Austria. However, the best spot to get them in many flavors is in Salzburg from the “Salzburg Schokolade GmbH” company or Cafe Konditorei Fürst near the Mirabell Palace.

There are some shops available in the city of Vienna that sell Mozartkuge chocolate in Vienna and some other local sweet delicacies. These shops offer premium quality chocolate bars at moderate to high prices, and that is because most of them are handmade by local chocolatiers. Make sure to visit them, and you will not come out of these shops empty-handed!

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