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Good Restaurants in Wetaskiwin

Top Restaurants in Wetaskiwin

Best Restaurants in Wetaskiwin

As one of Alberta‘s oldest cities, restaurants in Wetaskiwin fully represent the heritage and culture of both old settlers and new immigrants to this city. As the name suggests, Wetaskiwin is a place where peace was made and very safe to visit by all Canadians and international tourists alike. Here we take a look at some of the best eateries in this city so that you know where to visit depending on your diet and preference.


Seoul Japanese and Korean Cuisine next to Angelo’s pizza

Seoul Japanese and Korean Cuisine Opened in Year 2013 on 50 Street - Top Restaurants in Wetaskiwin

Seoul Japanese and Korean Cuisine is one of the first restaurants in Wetaskiwin offering such cuisine. This is a family-run business that opened in the year 2013 on 50 Street. This restaurant has always received amazing support from the local community for offering great food and drinks. Some of the favorite menu items include kimchi pancakes, Korean fried chicken, yaki tori, and & prawn tempura. They have enough space available to eat here in the general hall. However, if you like to have your meal privately, you can have it in either Tatami or banquet rooms. This restaurant is just next to Angelo’s Pizza, next to District Heritage Museum Centre.


Angelo’s pizza & Pasta in District Heritage Museum Centre

Angelo's pizza & Pasta is Located in Wetaskiwin District Heritage Museum Centre - Top Restaurants in Wetaskiwin

You can find Angelo’s Pizza & Pasta in Wetaskiwin District Heritage Museum Centre, which is also very close to Seoul Japanese and Korean Cuisine. This is a good place if you crave thin-crust pizza and pasta on a limited budget. The staff is super friendly here, and you get to sit inside and enjoy these cheesy dishes.


Mitchell’s Cafe Located on 50 Avenue

Mitchell's Cafe is Good For Having Steaks And Sandwiches - Alberta Foo Guide

Mitchell’s Cafe is another one of the top restaurants in Wetaskiwin for having steaks and sandwiches. This café started catering to the local community in 1993 and since then has become a local favorite. Some of the popular menu items here include Rueben sandwiches, onion burgers, and pork cutlets. Furthermore, Mitchell’s Cafe is located on 50 Avenue, right opposite the gas station.


Smitty’s Family Restaurant best for Families

Top Restaurants in Wetaskiwin - Smitty's Family Restaurant is right Opposite of A&W Canada on 56 Street

Smitty’s Family Restaurant is a franchise restaurant that started operating in 1960 in Calgary. If you like a hearty breakfast, hearty steaks, omelets, Belgian waffles, and many more comfort food offerings at great prices, you should head to Smitty’s. This is a perfect place for all members of the family to enjoy quality meaty meals as well as some vegetarian items. This eatery is right opposite A&W Canada on 56 Street.


Huckleberry’s Cafe for Homey Food

Top Restaurants in Wetaskiwin - Huckleberry's Cafe Sells Prime Rib Steaks And Burgers

Huckleberry’s Cafe has been constantly rated as one of the top restaurants in Wetaskiwin and even in the Alberta Parkland region. Their specialty is prime rib steaks. Also, you get good burgers, chicken tenders, sausage platters, and lots of grilled dishes to share with your family members. The good thing about dining here is that they only use fresh ad all-natural ingredients to produce high-quality food for their loyal customers. Other than dining inside, you can even order beef and prawn from their General Store to cook at home.


Castle Steakhouse on 56 Street

Alberta Food Guide - Castle Steakhouse is Famous For Fish Tacos And Baked lasagna

Another great steak restaurant in Wetaskiwin is Castle Steakhouse. Not only do you get good deals on your steaks and side vegetables, but there are also multiple daily specials on the food and beverage menu to make dining here even more palatable. Also, do not miss out on their fish tacos and baked lasagna, which are very filling and delicious.

Moreover, if you just take Alberta 13 towards the east side for half an hour, you will reach Camrose City. This is another great location for dining delicious food where restaurants in Camrose city have diverse food offerings from many local and international cuisines.

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