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Top Cafés In Beirut



Top Cafés In Beirut

Top Cafés In Beirut

Top Cafés In Beirut – Beirut has a a unique coffee culture and as a result you will not be having a hard time getting your coffee here. Also, you will be see a lot of coffee places all over the city. Here are the top cafes you can visit for a nice cup of coffee.




Top Cafés In Beirut

Here you can get artisan coffee and many unique flavors that you can’t get at other places. The ground floor and terrace in this cafe, serve seasonal salads and a wide range of desserts as well as sandwiches.



Top Cafés In Beirut

You can find this cafe at Gemmayzeh neighborhood. This coffee shop represents the beauty of Beirut’s modern and urban characteristic. Also, you can order here breakfast, salads, deserts as well as a big range of drinks.


Dar Bistro & Books

Top Cafés In Beirut

Dar Bistro & Books apart has a unique vibe which sets it apart from the rest. You can find this cafe in a small alley. This place has two sides to it. One is a cafe that offers Mediterranean food, sandwiches, as well as a many vegetarian items. Also, a bookshop selling many titles. They have a beautiful garden terrace for you to enjoy your coffee there as well.


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