Best Frankfurt Museums

List of Famous Frankfurt Museums

In addition to natural attractions, this city has many historical and recreational attractions, some of which are Frankfurt museums that represent the rich culture of this country. Therefore, many tourists from all over the world travel to Frankfurt every year. It is interesting to note that there are always some tourists who, in addition to visiting natural attractions, are also interested in visiting different museums and prioritize visiting museums in their travels. In fact, the city of Frankfurt has several museums in various fields that are located at very short distances from each other.



Städel Museum Art Center

Best Frankfurt Museums - Städel Museum Art Center Houses Many Famous Works of Arts and Exhibitions

Stadel Museum Frankfurt is one of the best Frankfurt museums, especially for art enthusiasts. This museum has one of Germany’s most complete treasures of painting and sculpture. Frankfurt’s Städel Museum has one of the wealthiest art treasures among European art museums. All the works of the Staedel Museum are from the Renaissance, Baroque, Impressionism, and of course, the early modern art era. The Stadel Museum is not only known as a prestigious art collection in Europe, but it is also active in the field of education, research and, of course, holding exhibitions. The Städel Museum ticket prices are below 20 Euros per individual at this moment.


DialogMuseum for Visually Impaired Experience

DialogMuseum is Built in 2005 for Visually Impaired People and Visitors Experience 

The DialogMuseum is one of the strangest Frankfurt museums in Germany and the world. By visiting here, you can experience a truly unknown world. In Dialog Museum, you will have the opportunity to live in the place of blind people for a few hours, understand their feelings, eat in their place, walk in their place and see the world from the eyes of blind people. In fact, unlike all museums in the world, there is nothing to see in the Dialog Museum of Germany! But there is a world to hear, feel, smell and taste, and their experience will introduce you to a new world full of special meanings.

In the Dialog Museum, your tour leader is also blind in real life and leads you to rooms where music, sound, wind, temperature and texture are the only factors that create new sensations for you and only with their help. This way, you can have a real sense of the atmosphere of the museum you are visiting. DialogMuseum ticket prices are set to be less than 10 Euros for a period of an hour per person.


Senckenberg Naturmuseum of Natural History

Senckenberg Naturmuseum of Natural History to See Dinosaurs - Famous Frankfurt Museums 

The Senckenberg Museum of Natural History is one of the most modern of Frankfurt museums. After the Berlin Museum, this museum is considered the second natural history museum in Germany, where the biodiversity and evolution of organisms are beautifully displayed to the public. It is interesting to know that the Natural History Museum of Senckenberg houses the largest dinosaur exhibition in Europe, so you can watch the huge and amazing dinosaurs by visiting it. Also, when you visit this museum, you will see the largest collection of fabric birds in the world and an extensive exhibition of the evolution of humanity.

After spending time in this museum, you can visit other Frankfurt attractions such as the Messe Tower, Frankfurt Christmas Market, Bornheim area, Lovers’ Bridge (Eiserner Steg Bridge), Skyline Plaza shopping center and other attractions of this city to multiply the pleasure of your trip in Frankfurt.


Goethe House in the Innenstadt District

 Goethe House is located in the Innenstadt District for Seeing the Author's Past Work

Goethe’s house and museum is considered one of the most famous among Frankfurt museums that attract many literature lovers and tourists who travel to Frankfurt city on a German tour or individually. This house belongs to the family of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (the best German poet and writer) and is located in the old part of Germany’s Am Main district in one of the narrow cobbled streets called Gruber Hirschgraben in Frankfurt.

Goethe’s house and museum have four floors in total, where you can get to know the reality of this philosopher’s life. This house includes several rooms decorated with modern and classic wallpaper, each decorated with magnificent light and color. The Goethe house tickets are generally priced at 10 Euros but there are various discounts that you can get.


Historisches Museum Frankfurt

Historisches Museum Frankfurt to See the Cultural Past of Germany and Frankfurt

The Historical Museum of Frankfurt is one of the largest urban museums in Europe and one of the oldest and best Frankfurt museums. This museum provides visitors with information about Frankfurt’s past, present and future. It also plays an essential role in researching, collecting, preserving and displaying the city’s cultural heritage through exhibitions and educational programs.

This museum has fifteen collections, including photography, paintings, ceramics, metal, glass, graphic prints, media and textiles, in which you will find a variety of objects about Frankfurt and the history of the city. this is. It also has a library, café, shop and rooms for rent. The Historisches Museum Frankfurt tickets will be around 12 Euros but can go up depending on your required options.


German Film Museum near the River Main

German Film Museum is located near the River Main at the End of Untermainbrücke Bridge 

The German Film Museum in Frankfurt is one of Germany’s most beautiful and spectacular museums. The German Film Museum in Frankfurt consists of many sections, each exhibiting equipment from the world of cinema and film. Also, keep in mind that by visiting the different sections of the German Film Museum in Frankfurt, you can get fascinating information that you should visit with all kinds of historical and world films. German Film Museum prices for tickets including all exhibitions will cost you approximately 12 Euros per person.

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